Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Hello All!
Communication & Transparency is SO important!

Please note, it is still important to read YOUR rental contract with us – as certain specifics (ie. delivery charges) may increase based on your order specifications! These policies have been put into place to help us continue to deliver the highest quality & best service in everything that we do. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

1. Rental Terms:

Rental Terms are agreed upon through the reservation process. Upon mutual agreement of items listed in a quote the process will then move to the confirmation and invoicing stage. At this time, client will be asked to sign a contract that binds them to the terms and conditions in the following document. Please note- As clearly stated Glamour & Woods Requires a $500 product minimum (excluding tax and service fees) in order to qualify for delivery services in Phoenix and surrounding areas. For out of town deliveries (Sedona/Prescott/Tucson and beyond) – we do require a $1200 product minimum (excluding tax and services). If you do not meet this minimum in your quote process, a Glamour & Woods representative will be appointed to further discuss alternative options.

2. Payment Standards:

All rental agreements (unless otherwise approved) require 50% down payment in order to reserve items listed on the quote. In the event that you have not yet submitted a nonrefundable 50% deposit, and another client wants the same items on the same day, you will take priority in the order in which quotes were received. The remaining 50% balance will be processed in full one week (7 calendar days) prior to the date of your event. In the event that you need to withdraw or cancel your reservation we require 90 days’ notice. No refund of your initial deposit will be given at this time unless otherwise approved by Glamour & Woods.

3. Delivery Charges:

Standard White Glove Delivery Fee begins at $500 per truck. This may vary due to – Travel Distance, Item Specifics, Additional Installation Fees, Room Flips etc. Please note: these fees are for delivery and strike only, additional services (ie: Room Flip, Linen Transport) require extra fees and conditions.

4. Cancellation Policy:

Glamour & Woods requires 90-day notice for any and all cancellations or withdrawals on confirmed reservations. If cancellation occurs less than one week (7 calendar days) before your event, you will be billed in full with no refund available.

5. Client Contracts:

Contracts must be confirmed no less than 14 days prior to an event unless otherwise approved. If this is hindered by the fault of Glamour & Woods personnel, extensions may be granted.

6. Access:

If Glamour & Woods is delivering and installing rental items, client is responsible to provide any and all access information about the venue or location area that may inhibit our crews from performing a smooth set up.

7. Damage to Items:

We understand that accidents happen! Please alert Glamour & Woods Staff immediately if anything should happen to an item while it is in your possession. Please note that if something is heavily damaged or destroyed, you will be billed in full for the repair or replacement of said object. We value each and every one of our pieces and want to continue providing safe, high quality items for all clients! Glamour & Woods retains ownership of damaged rental property, your payment for damaged rental property is not a purchase of said item.

8. As-Is:

Client is responsible for checking items as they arrive. This is our As-Is policy. All items that come in and out of our doors are checked many times, but if anything is ever overlooked there is a one hour (60 minute) time frame upon the arrival of your items in which any damages, scratches, discolorations, etc. (that were not a result of your event) can be reported. At this time, we will do what we can to replace, repair or discount said item to the satisfaction of our client. If this time slot is not honored, we reserve the right to include this charge to your invoice.

9. Pick Ups:

Between the hours of 12:00- 7:00am a late night/ early morning fee will be added to delivery costs. We ask that the time given for pick up of items is as close to exact time as possible. If our team has to wait more that 30 minutes in order to begin loading out – additional charge of $50 per hour will occur.

10. Cleaning Fees:

A 10% cleaning fee is applied to any and all quotes. This is not an optional charge and is put in place to ensure the quality of all of our items. Glamour and Woods takes great pride in always delivering high quality, well cleaned, and cared for goods. This does protect you from any charges ensued by slight scratches, minor spills or other small mishaps. This does NOT however, cover any full damages, destructions or major mishaps. Please see section 6 for more info on damages. Glamour & Woods shall determine any and all unusual wear and tear. All determinations by Glamour & Woods are final and binding.

11. Weather/Situations Happenings:

If extreme weather ensues, please contact Glamour & Woods immediately as each of these situations will be handled on a case to case basis. G&W products are NOT allowed to be outside overnight.

12. Injury or Damages:

Please note that Glamour & Woods is NOT responsible for any injuries or risks that may be involved with any items in our inventory. No part of these terms or conditions serve as insurance for any injuries that may ensue while in the presence or our items.

​13. Pricing:

Pricing is dependent upon a number of factors – including but not limited to, quantity of items (as this may require additional trucks, movers or equipment), accessibility to loading dock or venue space, time, distance of travel, etc. For a more detailed breakdown of your individual quote please contact your G&W representative.

We work hard to serve each and every client to the best of our abilities, if you have any questions or concerns about any of the above terms and conditions, please feel free to contact any of our Glamour & Woods personnel at any given time. We love to serve you and hope this protects both parties in the event of any mishaps!

Thank you for your cooperation!